Fi-es provides software solutions to help businesses and organization to manage them efficiently. We have 4 comprehensive fully integrated software for the Hotel/Resorts, Retail Chain Management, Tours and Travel, and the Human Resource Management. Every Software Solution enables Customers, total control over their business.Our solutions are comprehensive and will fit well to take care of all the functions in real-time. These systems will help customers to manage their business with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Delivering less staff turnover and quickly making new resources productive.

What Our Client Says

Kushantha Somasiri(Muni Enterprise Pvt.Ltd)Kushantha Somasiri(Muni Enterprise Pvt.Ltd)Muni Enterprise Pvt.Ltd

We have 7 Retail Outlets and 12 Warehouse. We have been using  Fi-es Magnolia since 2006.With Fi-es Magnolia we can manage the whole business from a central office which allows us to take full control of the business from a single office. Our shops, warehouse, purchase , accounts, payroll are using  Fi-es Magnolia for daily operations and all the transactions for the entire business are done using Fi-es Magnolia. It offers all the features that our business operation has come to a halt. We have been getting acceptably good support from fi-es , Having such a system can greatly benifit any business of this nature , We recommend Fi-es software solutions and services to any new business that have not yet fully computarized.

Hassan Hameez (Assistant GM)Hassan Hameez (Assistant GM)Sonee Hardware

Fi-es systems, installed their systems in Sonee during 2000, since then we have been using the system in all our outlets and head office. This system has helped us manage the business. our inventory and financewell, meeting our requirements. In moving forward , the system has supported business decision making on all major critical areas. Later we have extended the system fully to be operated live and in real time. Furthor this system has really helped us for over a decade now and we hope that the future upgraded and continious improvements they are being will help us take our business to next level. Their support has been attentive in bringing new features that need to be  adapted into the system. We belive this system meets the requirements of modern day operations whilst a good level of after sales services is made available locally.

Mohamed Fayaz (Deputy Commissioner of Police)Mohamed Fayaz (Deputy Commissioner of Police)Maldives Police Service

Fi-es Systems Pvt Ltd, Software wing of Panorama Compare Pvt Ltd has done an impressive job developing and implementing our Finance & Budget system. This system is an online web based multi-lingual(includes English , Dhivehi & Posibility of adding other languages easely) multi-tier system(ASP+C# front end with MS SQL Server 2005 back end) which is helping us to achive complete automation of our finance related activities; such as Budget, Supply,Stock,Assets Management,procurement and PSIP.

The main reason why we awarded this project to them was by taking in to consideration,their huge satisfied customer base in Maldives, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in handling such software projects, Furthermore they are  a 100% Maldivian company owned and managed by Maldivians; they have the most appropriate setup  and the teams to deliver such projects on time .we are very happy with the way they have maintained their professionalism in executing the whole project. We have had the oppertunity to work with their experienced professionals and we have no doubts they can deliver to meet the customer  expectations.

We are happy to recommend them to any organization wishing to implement software project of similar nature. We are very satisfied with their performance and we wish them all the best in their future projects.

Ibrahim Husham (CEO/Director)Ibrahim Husham (CEO/Director)Sheesha Pvt.Ltd.

We are the largest motor cycle company in Maldives with 2 showrooms in Male' (capital of Maldives), one showroom in Addu City and 3 Warehouse . We have been using  Fi-ES Magnolia since 2009 with FI-ES  Magnolia we can manage the whole business from a central office which  allows us to take full control of the business from a single office. Our shops, Warehouse,Purchase,accounts are using Fi-es Magnolia for daily operations and all the transactions for the entire business is done using  Fi-es Magnolia. it offers all the features that our business operation needs. We have been  getting acceptably good support from Fi-es. Having such a system can greately benefit any business of this nature. We recommend FI-ES software solutions and service to any new business who have not yet fully computerized.

Reena Moosa (Director)Reena Moosa (Director)SeaLink Pvt.Ltd

Sealink Pvt.Ltd. was established in 1994, and MEATPLUS Foots was established as a trading  name of the company . MEATPLUS initially imported fresh produce and expanded to facilitate a wide range of frozen and dry goods.

In addition to a cold storage with capacity of more than 200 metric tons,METPLUS also operates two wholesale/retail outlets within  Male' and caters to resort orders. In order to streamline our operations we started using  Fi-es  MAgnolia in August 2009. This has allowed us to  manage all side of the  operation from our head office, and conduct daily sales operations and transactions from  the POS system located in our retail shop(Currently one shop is  using fi-es and the  second outlet is handled manually).

we have been receiving excellent support from the staff and Management of fi-es and have no  hesitation in recommending  Fi-es software solutions and service to any new or existing businesses looking into streamlining theit operations.


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